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If you are experiencing a conflict (i.e. divorce or other family related or civil dispute regarding an issue such as employment, neighbors, contract, business, friends, etc.) there are alternatives to the ugly and drawn out legal processes that can cause so much pain and bitterness. Mediation is an option. Mediation concentrates on the parties and what they want.  Mediation-conflict resolution is located in Alexander, NC (near Asheville, NC) in Buncombe County. In mediation, two or more parties involved in a dispute come together to try to find a fair and workable solution to their problem with the "help" of a neutral mediator who is trained in cooperative conflict resolution techniques. 

Should the disputing parties fail to come to an agreement, or in some cases where the parties do not wish to litigate and feel that mediation would not be the proper venue for them, arbitration may become needed. The arbitrator or arbiter is also a neutral third party who conducts a hearing between the disputants and then renders a final decision or award. Generally, Arbitration is fairer than litigation as it is more informal and evidence that would not be able to be admitted in a traditional trial, can be used in arbitration.  Further information on types of arbitration can be found on the Civil Mediation & Arbitration page.   For more information on our mediation services regarding divorce and family issues, see the Divorce & Family Mediation page, for more information on mediation or arbitration services regarding Civil, see the Civil Mediation & Arbitration page.

Mediation and conflict resolution are sensitive skills requiring training and discretion, which is why it is so important to the success of any mediation to utilize the services of a mediator who is experienced in resolving conflicts. Kathleen G. Johnson, Juris Doctorate and Professional Mediator, is experienced with successfully mediating divorcing couples, families in conflict, neighbors with disputes, various business-employment problems, in fact most conflict. She identifies strongly with all parties, really listens to what is being said, assists the parties to fully hear each other, skillfully ascertains where the actual conflicts exist, and faciliates a resolution acceptable to all. In the event there should fail to be a resolution, she is also a skilled Arbitrator.




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